Neutral Window Film

The most amazing and popular of our films, Smashgard neutral window films are perfect for any application whether it be your home, office, or conservatory.

For residential properties, this fantastic film is the perfect addition to any home reducing excessive heat & glare on televisions, protecting furnishings from fading & providing visual privacy & security. Due to its neutral properties, it is difficult to tell that a film has been installed to the glass both internally & externally yet prevents views into your property from neighbours, passers-by & potential thieves. Allowing views into the property of just a foot, ornaments on window sills, curtain backs and open blinds can be seen from the outside giving the impression of standard glass but no further, giving you the privacy you deserve in your home – it really is that amazing!

No more hiding behind net curtains, partially closed curtains or blinds trapping you in a dark room; our films open up the room allowing you to see out as normal and more importantly, what is going on outside. Letting in more light than net curtains and easy maintenance with an occasional wipe over unlike nets that hoard dust, dirt and insects – our fantastic neutral films are a must for any home. Unlike the reflective silver films, our neutral films are just that, neutral in appearance and a single window installed with this film to your home will blend perfectly with your existing windows.

Older listed buildings cannot have cosmetic changes made to the property without the need to notify English heritage. Our neutral films can be applied directly to the windows of these properties without the need to notify them, proving that our films won’t change the cosmetics of older or newer buildings.

Conservatories installed with our neutral films will be protected from excessive heat & glare, furniture fade and added privacy from overlooked properties, preventing the fish bowl effect. To find out more, click here to visit our conservatory page.

For commercial buildings, our fantastic neutral window films are similar to the expensive tinted glass seen on new commercial offices and therefore can upgrade older looking glass to a more modern and up to date finish. Providing an elegant finish to the glass, our neutral films although not as effective as the silver & gold films will still reject large percentages of excessive heat & glare and protect furnishings from fading whilst still offering a certain amount of privacy. To find out more visit our commercial solar film page by clicking here.

With over 300 specialist window films available to us to provide safety, security, heat & glare rejection, privacy, security & fade reduction; we can tailor a film suitable for your requirements.  Should you require a film that isn’t listed within our website; please contact us as we will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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