Anti Graffiti Window Film

Suffering from vandalism in the form of graffiti etched or sprayed onto the surfaces of your property? Looking for a solution that is both time and cost effective?

Smashgard anti-graffiti window films can solve the problem with the installation of our specialised films to the areas subject to this form of vandalism. Mirrors, marble, glass, stainless steel and polycarbonate Ė any surface can be protected with our films to ensure you can tackle the problem quickly and efficiently and with minimal disruption.

A specialist polyester film with low tack adhesive & scratch resistant coating, graffiti in the form of pens, paints & battery acids can be removed leaving the surface intact and free from obscenities.

Etchings and gouging can be prevented with our 4mil or thicker 6mil anti-graffiti films to the area, forming a barrier to the surface.
Suitable for bus shelters, phone boxes, buses, trains and any type of window, Smashgard anti-graffiti films will upgrade standard glass and in the event that it is repeatedly struck, hold broken glass together, forming a barrier and protecting the general public from injury until a replacement glass is sourced.

Sadly graffiti is found wherever you look, shops, bridges, road signs and bus shelters to name but a few. By protecting the surface with our films, we can tackle the problem head on and eventually move the vandals on and away from your property.

Contact us now to find out how you and your property can be protected.

With over 300 specialist window films available to us to provide safety, security, heat & glare rejection, privacy, security & fade reduction; we can tailor a film suitable for your requirements.  Should you require a film that isnít listed within our website; please contact us as we will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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