Case Studies

Automotive showroom modernised by Smashgard

Duston Garage, a local garage based in Northampton required our services to a number of solutions. After recently acquiring the rights to become a BOSCH agent for the local area, to coincide with the launch; the company wanted to modernise the look of the building to reflect on the company’s image and the corporate colours of the Bosch Logo. The building had been built back in the late 1940’s and needed a drastic change to enhance both the building and the company’s image. Heat and Glare were also a main issue for the company as the large south facing windows were allowing extreme levels of heat and glare issues for both the staff and customers and fading from Ultraviolet was evident on some of the furnishings.
After discussing the requirements with the director of the company, a High Performance Blue film was decided for the main area of glass to the reception area and vehicle showrooms whilst to the small waiting room, a clear frost was required to give privacy to the customer but to still allow a large level of light into the building. To the main door, 10mil security film was installed to give added security after a recent break in.
Installation took place over 2 days causing minimal disruption to the company and fell into place with the launch of the Bosch Launch a week later. The company were more than happy with the outcome as the film has helped to modernise the look of the building with positive comments coming from the public and Bosch management.

Baystrate seek Graffiti solution from Smashgard.

Baystrate Properties, a company based in Cambridgeshire called upon our services to provide a solution to Graffiti to there office complex. The property had recently been subjected to Vandalism in the form of etchings to 9 external glass windows of the property which looked unsightly, a solution was required. After discussing the requirements of the company, the choice of an external Silver reflective film was decided to mask the graffiti from the outside whilst giving added benefits to the office staff, rejecting heat and glare issues into the building. The company were more than happy with the quotation given as it was less than 90% of the original quotation given by a glazing company to replace all 9 panes of glass, a huge saving for the company!
The results exceeded the companies expectations with the film completely disguising the area of vandalism whilst giving the added benefits to the staff working inside.


Rugby Offices enhanced with Smashgard window film.

The Fulfilment Store based in Rugby, Warwickshire requested our services to coincide with the move to additional warehouse/office premises in Rugby. The company required a reflective solar film to be installed to the glass to enhance & modernise the look of the building and to reject excessive heat & glare within the front offices.
We visited the site and discussed in depth the requirements of the company; offering a solution to the issues they were experiencing. Using specialist meters to the glass allowed us to identify that the many panes consisted of different types of glass replaced over time and therefore provided us with the correct film choice for this particular application. Without testing the glass; further issues could arise if installed internally and with our training & knowledge in glass & window films; an external silver film was recommended.

Installation was carried out over 2 days to all office and main entrance glass and totally transformed the look of the building whilst also protecting the office staff from heat & glare issues.

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